Wind Turbines Deadly Toll

Wind turbines' deadly toll on migrating birds: Map highlights 'collision hotspots' in Europe and North Africa where owls, swans and eagles are at highest risk of being killed by power generators' blades 11th April, 2022 by Sophie Curtis for MailOnline Source: University of East Anglia study identifies collision 'hotspots' for migrating birdsMany lie in … Continue reading Wind Turbines Deadly Toll

An Intrusion

An ‘intrusion’ and ‘benefit’: Discovery Bay offshore renewable plan in crosswinds. 17th June, 2021 By Jackson Graham, The Standard Source: 'Stunningly beautiful': Discovery Bay is sparsely populated and the proposed location for a new offshore wind farm, which would be the first of it's kind in the region. AN OFFSHORE wind farm proposed for … Continue reading An Intrusion

Call To Halt Robbins Island Proposal

24th April, 2021 By Helen Kempton, Mercury A Tasmanian bird expert has thrown his weight behind claims Robbins Island is a sanctuary for shorebirds and no place for a wind farm. A group of locals, including independent state election candidate Craig Garland, has long been calling for UPC Renewables’ proposed wind farm on the island … Continue reading Call To Halt Robbins Island Proposal

Angry Locals Say No Consultation On Gympie Region Wind Farm

Residents near the site say it's not a case of 'not in my backyard', but they have concerns. 2nd August, 2020 By Scott Kovacevic, Gympie Times; Claims of widespread community consultation on a proposed $2 billion wind farm at Toolara have been refuted, with accusations the process kept people in the dark so they … Continue reading Angry Locals Say No Consultation On Gympie Region Wind Farm