No Consultation

No consultation with Victorian locals 2nd March, 2023 By Rikkie-Lee Tyrrell MLC  Source; As I have been engaging with members of my constituency in the northern region, it has become apparent that a newly formed Australian branch of an international company has initiated community engagement in at least two separate areas of interest. However, … Continue reading No Consultation

Wind Turbine Noise Paper: 2011

Wind turbine noise: why accurate prediction and measurement matter By Robert Thorne and Daniel Shepperd Source: ABSTRACTOn a decibel-for-decibel basis, wind turbine noise is commonly judged as significantly more problematic than most other community noise sources. As a relatively new source of community noise, however, methodological issues remain as to how wind farm noise … Continue reading Wind Turbine Noise Paper: 2011

What Have I Done?

25th October, 2007 Advertisement in the Chilton, Wisc., Times-Journal. By Don Bangert Source:    Advertisement in the Chilton, Wisc., Times-Journal, October 25, 2007. It was written by Don Bangert on behalf of the farmer, whose contract with the wind company – following the norm – prevents him from speaking openly about any problems. Bangert told National Wind … Continue reading What Have I Done?

Wind Farm Commissioner’s Report 2018

DeFrock offers the following:   Raymond Hartmonds paper suggests disinformation is likely being used to 'improperly shape public policy': DeFrock agrees that 'people are still worried about wind turbines'. Magpies and eagles aside, the Volcanic Plains, hills and vistas surrounding Ballarat is spectacular.  DeFrock supports honouring the history of beloved rural landscapes; the locally known nooks … Continue reading Wind Farm Commissioner’s Report 2018

Are You or Members of Your Family Windsick?

The Problem. You know that your and your family’s health and well-being are deteriorating, that your home is no longer a place of rest (and is actually virtually unsaleable), and your surrounding countryside is an industrial park. Neighbours are divided. Social structures of a lifetime are destroyed. You, almost certainly correctly, put this down to … Continue reading Are You or Members of Your Family Windsick?