Environmental Downside To Solar & Wind Farms

21st October, 2021 By Andrew bolt, Skynews https://www.skynews.com.au/opinion/andrew-bolt/environmental-downside-to-solar-and-wind-farms/video/5771f17d09e8c9cdf4ffe44f2583de64 NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham says there is an “environmental downside” to solar and wind farms. “Both solar and wind farms eat up vast tracts of land, the wind farms have an environmental cost in destroying prime agricultural land, and destroying millions of birds around the … Continue reading Environmental Downside To Solar & Wind Farms

‘It’s Past Time To Flip The Bird At Wind Turbines.’

'Experience overseas suggests that, apart from hydro power, renewables are unreliable, uneconomical and very unfriendly to the environment they are claimed to protect. Evidence from places investing heavily in renewables such as Denmark, Germany and California demonstrates they are intermittent power generators needing back-up from conventional energy sources.'-John Mikkelsen

It Must Be An Ill Wind That Blows Brown’s Ideals Away

Suddenly, previously taboo questions are being heard. For example, are the emissions
released in the building and installation of turbines ever really offset? Given their major
impact on bird mortality and possible links to childhood leukaemia, should the spread of
overhead powerlines be limited? And with an estimated 43 million tonnes by 2050 of
unrecyclable blade waste, who will pay the cost of decommissioning?