Sample Background Testing Agreement- Lesson 10

Wind Farm Living has collated a series “Educating the Lawyers” and suggest this information may be freely used as needed, e.g. in a letter box drop.

The original Posting of Lesson 7 (27.5.22) is updated to reflect current acoustical understanding, following important feedback. Delete lesson 7, here it is as Lesson 10.

~ DeFrock

31st May 2022

Hi all Wind Farm Living,

Using the Bald Hills case as the umpire – I have updated the Noise Monitoring Agreement.

This agreement will ensure that you are Protected and Court House Ready

Please ensure that before any wind farm noise monitoring is carried out on your land, you have the wind farm sign an agreement under your lawyer’s instructions.

Alternative, invest in your future and undertake the monitoring yourself using an acoustician of your choice.

The Agreement attached is a good start for your lawyer..

Wind Farm Living

skilling people up with knowledge

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