Lived Experience Nuisance-Lesson 17

Wind Farm Living has collated a series “Educating the Lawyers” and suggest this information may be freely used as needed, e.g. in a letter box drop. ~ DeFrock Lesson 17: Lived Experience Nuisance occurs at a Compliant Noise Level 9th September, 2022 By WFL educating-the-lawyers-lesson-17-lived-experience-nuisance-occurs-at-a-compliant-noise-levelDownload

Wind Turbines Deadly Toll

Wind turbines' deadly toll on migrating birds: Map highlights 'collision hotspots' in Europe and North Africa where owls, swans and eagles are at highest risk of being killed by power generators' blades 11th April, 2022 by Sophie Curtis for MailOnline Source: University of East Anglia study identifies collision 'hotspots' for migrating birdsMany lie in … Continue reading Wind Turbines Deadly Toll

A Majesty Peculiar To The Species-2014

24th April, 2021 By Ann Jones, Off Track, ABC Radio National Ann Jones Interviews Humphrey Price-Jones 'There is something about the Wedge-tailed Eagle which grips this man in the guts. He is compelled to paint them, life-size and in minute detail, despite the fact he finds little joy in the process.' Humphrey Price-Jones is … Continue reading A Majesty Peculiar To The Species-2014

Professor A. Salt Letter To AAAC

Salt-A-to-Warpenius-Chair-AAAC-18-9-13Downloads Professor Salt studies the effects of low frequency noise on the ear. He is an expert on the physiology of the ear and understands how infrasonic stimuli cause a response in the ear. In 2013, he wrote to the Chairman of AAAC about peddling misinformation, misdirecting peoples trust and stated it is false to, … Continue reading Professor A. Salt Letter To AAAC