‘Not in our backyard’

1.11.18- Martin King- Reporter.  A Current Affairs aired this program tonight, ‘Not in our backyard’ and interviews Bald Hills people living next to, being negatively impacted by and fighting wind turbines.  They have been complaining for years and say they can’t sleep, suffer headaches and it is torture.  This community at South Gippsland and Alberton don’t want wind turbines.  A five year study is being undertaken in SA which involves measuring brain waves and wind turbine noise in the lab.  Tracy Grimshaw ended the program saying, ‘it is little comfort to the people’, being told by Synergy the Alberton wind farm will operate within national guidelines.

Here is the website address:  (you may need to paste into browser & download the 9now app or simply google the program)


(If you are overseas you won’t be able to view the program, it only works in Australia).

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