Psychoacoustics To The Rescue

26th May 2021 By Steven Cooper. Wind Turbine Noise: Psychoacoustics to the Rescue. Forum Acusticum, Dec 2020, Lyon, France wind turbine noise psychoacousticsDownload Protecting the acoustic amenity of communities living near wind farms is at the forefront of Steven Coopers outstanding work. Effective investigation of wind turbine noise requires working with residents, utilising residents diaries … Continue reading Psychoacoustics To The Rescue

“Sleep Disturbance Caused By Wind Turbines”-Cooper

20th June, 2021 Via Wind Farm Living The Cooper Hypothesis of “Sleep Disturbance caused by Wind Turbines”In the Cape Bridgewater study (2015) Steven Cooper presented a hypothesis that the disturbance from wind farms was related to changes in the power output of the wind farm. Dr Paul Schomer endorsed Cooper’s study and In June 2017 … Continue reading “Sleep Disturbance Caused By Wind Turbines”-Cooper