The EPA & Noise Harm-Lesson 5b

Wind Farm Living has collated a series “Educating the Lawyers” and suggest this information may be freely used as needed, e.g. in a letter box drop. ~ DeFrock Lesson 5b: The EPA must protect you from noise harm 4th October, 2022 By WFL educating-the-lawyers-lesson-5b-the-epa-must-protect-you-from-noise-harmDownload

Amendments VC78 and VC82- 2012

Source: Author:  Dept. of Planning and Community Development, Victoria, Australia Amendments VC78 and VC82 implement the [Victoria State] government’s policy on wind energy facilities. Amendment VC82 Amendment VC82, gazetted on 29 August 2011, amends the Victoria Planning Provisions and all planning schemes in Victoria to implement further aspects of the government’s policy on wind energy … Continue reading Amendments VC78 and VC82- 2012

Planning Provision VC113 Allows More Powerful Turbines-2014

'The categorisation “minor” camouflages major concessions made by a responsible public official and senior Victorian Government Minister to an industry which is knowingly and deliberately harming rural residents with acoustic pollution from wind turbines. VC113 will inevitably and predictably result in more widespread and severe abuses of human rights, particularly the torture of wind project neighbours from prolonged sleep deprivation.'