Letter Of Notice To Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews- 2014

Source: https://waubrafoundation.org.au/resources/letter-notice-victorian-premier-daniel-andrews-december-5-2014/ Hon Daniel AndrewsPremier of VictoriaDecember 5, 2014 Dear Premier Andrews,  Re: Letter of Notice This letter is to formally advise you and your government Ministers in relevant portfolios that you are all now legally on notice about the serious adverse health effects caused directly and indirectly by exposure to industrial wind turbines. You … Continue reading Letter Of Notice To Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews- 2014

Planning Provision VC113 Allows More Powerful Turbines-2014

'The categorisation “minor” camouflages major concessions made by a responsible public official and senior Victorian Government Minister to an industry which is knowingly and deliberately harming rural residents with acoustic pollution from wind turbines. VC113 will inevitably and predictably result in more widespread and severe abuses of human rights, particularly the torture of wind project neighbours from prolonged sleep deprivation.'

Bald Hills Wind Farm Adversely Affecting Residents-2019

By DeFrock Background The acoustic definition of noise is unwanted sound.  Properties near the Bald Hills wind farm are being affected by intrusive noise, loud enough to intrude on conversation and disturb the residents’ sleep.  The South Gippsland Shire Council investigation into the complaints somehow concluded there were no impacts from the wind farm.  This decision … Continue reading Bald Hills Wind Farm Adversely Affecting Residents-2019

A Guide to Seeking Damages From Wind Energy Project Owners/Operators

The Purpose of This Document/Post.  Whilst DeFrock writers and editors independently research topics of interest, in many cases they come across documents written by others that are appropriate to the subject. This particular document was originally prepared for discussions with the Australian National Wind Farm Commissioner and owners of wind turbine projects (WTPs) considered by … Continue reading A Guide to Seeking Damages From Wind Energy Project Owners/Operators

Torture Earns Subsidies

Except for warfare, our society does not tolerate machinery that damages the public. In the case of wind projects the non-impacted public has been led to believe that harm done by wind projects is not real and therefore needs no correction.

The Minister for Energy, Angus Taylor, is focussed on energy costs. Those matters are discussed in our post: Dealing with Excessive Power Costs.

It was noted when Taylor took on the Ministry, that health matters deriving from wind turbines would not be the Minister’s responsibility.

This is a pity.