Lobsters Deformed

Lobsters are being deformed and left unable to swim because of electromagnetic fields from undersea wind farm power cables 30th April, 2022 By Chay Quinn, Mail Online Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10770107/Lobsters-deformed-left-unable-swim-wind-farm-power-cables.html Researchers recorded deformities in lobsters in a controlled study They exposed eggs to electromagnetic fields similar to underwater cablesWhen the eggs hatched, deformities were recorded three times … Continue reading Lobsters Deformed

Offshore Wind Accident

Offshore Wind Accident: Orsted Asks for ‘No-Sail Zones’ After Turbine Breaks Into Sea 6th April, 2022 By Mike Schuler, gCaptain.com Photo shows the Anholt offshore wind farm in Denmark. Photo courtesy Orsted Offshore wind developer Orsted is asking relevant authorities to establish ‘no-sail zone’ at some of its offshore wind farms after a catastrophic failure … Continue reading Offshore Wind Accident