Efforts To Pool Wind Farm Funds Launched

8th April, 2021 Source: By Terang Express Maximise spending: Former Moyne Shire councillor Colin Ryan, RE-Alliance representatives Tony Goodfellow and Lucy Allen, and local Mick Murphy OAM have floated the idea of pooling wind farm funding streams in to one fund to maximise investment in big ticket programs and assets. Moyne residents have been encouraged … Continue reading Efforts To Pool Wind Farm Funds Launched

To Worksafe Victoria

25th January, 2021 Source; Wind Farm Living WorkSafe Senior InspectorWorkSafe Victoria.1 Malop St.Geelong, VIC 3220 Attention: WorkSafe Victoria Senior Inspector, RE: Formal Complaint: Unprotected Power Plant operating at the Macarthur Wind Farm, Gerrigerrup Road, Hawkesdale, Vic. I have attempted on multiple occasions to alert WorkSafe Victoria to the dangerous practices currently being undertaken by AGL … Continue reading To Worksafe Victoria

Complaints Process Inadequate

30th January 2021 By Ash Bolt, The Hamilton Spectator An ongoing bone of contention in the south-west, community group Wind Farm Living says the complaints process offered by Moyne Shire for residents, is "unsatisfactory and inadequate". A South-West community group has labelled the Moyne Shire's wind farm complaint-handling process as "unsatisfactory and inadequate" in a … Continue reading Complaints Process Inadequate

Letter To The AAAC- 2021

Attention: Executive Members Association of Australasian Acoustical Consultants Chairman:                           Richard Haydon Vice Chairman                  Gustaf Reutersward Treasurer                             Tim Reynolds Secretary                             Tim Trewin Communications              Matthew Stead Executive Member          Matthew Ottley Dear Executive Council Members, RE: Open Letter to the Association of Australasian Acoustical Consultants The Wind Farm Living Community of Moyne … Continue reading Letter To The AAAC- 2021

D’Ambrosio Says New Wind Proposals Could Come ‘from all parts of Victoria’

This energy minister has been in the role for 6 years so an understanding of community concerns of wind farm adverse impacts and residents attitudes that 'enough is enough' would be expected. Discussion of 'best locations' and fast-tracking approvals for new wind farms in Victoria while saying most approvals don't get off the ground, is … Continue reading D’Ambrosio Says New Wind Proposals Could Come ‘from all parts of Victoria’

Moyne Shire Council Calls To Set Back Hawkesdale Wind Farm Five Kilometres From Town

28th July 2020 Jackson Graham, The Standard- http:www.standard.net.au https://www.standard.net.au/story/6854065/council-calls-to-set-back-wind-farm-five-kilometres-from-town/  (Subscriber)  FURTHER AWAY: A Hawkesdale community group, backed by Moyne Shire, is seeking a five kilometre set back for a proposed 26 turbine wind farm with 180-metre tall structures near the town. A PROPOSED Hawkesdale wind farm could restrain nearby future growth unless set back at … Continue reading Moyne Shire Council Calls To Set Back Hawkesdale Wind Farm Five Kilometres From Town

Moyne Shire Council Push For 1.5 Km Wind Farm Turbine Setback.

'Moyne Council will also write to the state government asking it to adopt a five-kilometre setback between a wind farm and a township or city boundary, to preserve amenity and opportunities for urban growth'-Article The Standard.

The council has previously determined to oppose any more wind farms in the shire until the state government adopts a range of the commissioner's recommendations.