Nuisance & The Judge- Lesson 15

Wind Farm Living has collated a series “Educating the Lawyers” and suggest this information may be freely used as needed, e.g. in a letter box drop. ~ DeFrock Lesson 15: The New Game is Nuisance and the Judge is the Umpire 9th September, 2022 By WFL educating-the-lawyers-lesson-15-the-new-game-is-nuisance-and-the-judge-is-the-umpireDownload

Bald Hills’ Decision Possible Blow

Bald Hills’ decision possible blow for all wind farms 23rd March, 2022 By Sentinel-Times Source: A decision in the Supreme Court this Friday involving the Bald Hills Wind Farm could have implications for the future of all onshore wind farms. DAMAGES in the millions and an injunction placing restrictions on the operation of the … Continue reading Bald Hills’ Decision Possible Blow