To Worksafe Victoria

25th January, 2021 Source; Wind Farm Living WorkSafe Senior InspectorWorkSafe Victoria.1 Malop St.Geelong, VIC 3220 Attention: WorkSafe Victoria Senior Inspector, RE: Formal Complaint: Unprotected Power Plant operating at the Macarthur Wind Farm, Gerrigerrup Road, Hawkesdale, Vic. I have attempted on multiple occasions to alert WorkSafe Victoria to the dangerous practices currently being undertaken by AGL … Continue reading To Worksafe Victoria

A Guide to Seeking Damages From Wind Energy Project Owners/Operators

The Purpose of This Document/Post.  Whilst DeFrock writers and editors independently research topics of interest, in many cases they come across documents written by others that are appropriate to the subject. This particular document was originally prepared for discussions with the Australian National Wind Farm Commissioner and owners of wind turbine projects (WTPs) considered by … Continue reading A Guide to Seeking Damages From Wind Energy Project Owners/Operators

Rules for Wind Project Layouts

Noise guidelines for wind projects are absolutely useless. Regardless, the so-called responsible authorities use them as permissible levels on which they approve an application for a permit to build a wind project. Guidelines are based on irrelevant parameters that cannot protect adjacent residents. They are the basis for a government licence to damage residents. There … Continue reading Rules for Wind Project Layouts

Open letter NWFC.

The Australian Industrial Wind Turbine Awareness Network (AIWTAN), has written and expressed the Networks concerns many times to the National Wind Farm Commissioner.

Copied below is an open letter with 7 questions, which have not been adequately responded to by Mr Dyer.

The WHO guidelines have since been updated and these unanswered questions remain relevant ~DeFrock.