Stockyard Hill Wind Turbines Crack

Turbines made in China for Australia's biggest wind farm have CRACKS in them sparking outrage they weren't made locally to better standards 15th December, 2021 By Peter Vincent, Daily Mail Australia Source: Cracks discovered in 19 Chinese-made wind turbines at Stockyard Hill wind farmDefects were discovered when union members inspected the giant machinesStockyard Hill management said … Continue reading Stockyard Hill Wind Turbines Crack

An Intrusion

An ‘intrusion’ and ‘benefit’: Discovery Bay offshore renewable plan in crosswinds. 17th June, 2021 By Jackson Graham, The Standard Source: 'Stunningly beautiful': Discovery Bay is sparsely populated and the proposed location for a new offshore wind farm, which would be the first of it's kind in the region. AN OFFSHORE wind farm proposed for … Continue reading An Intrusion

Wind Farm Stoush

150 regional jobs on line in wind farm stoush over Chinese steel 20th February 2021 By Paul Sakkal, The Age Source; More than 150 regional jobs are at risk because a multinational has chosen to use cheaper imported steel, likely from China, instead of local product to build a $360 million wind farm in … Continue reading Wind Farm Stoush

Farmers call on Acciona to halt Mortlake South Windfarm development.

8th May 2019 Rob Gunstone, The Standard, Hands up for action: Kolora farmer Peter Allen calls for a show of hands to support a moratorium on the windfarm development during the information session. Picture: Rob Gunstone Angry farmers have called for a moratorium on the Mortlake South Windfarm until the developer Acciona improves its community … Continue reading Farmers call on Acciona to halt Mortlake South Windfarm development.