Wind Farm Dispute:

Wind farm dispute: are tenant’s fixtures ‘land’? 14th June, 2021 By Matthew Cridland, Contributor- Opinion, Financial Review. Source: A recent NSW Supreme Court decision highlights the twin challenges of determining whether an item affixed to land by a tenant is a fixture and, if it is, the value of the tenant’s interests in that … Continue reading Wind Farm Dispute:

Madigan-Led Senate Wind Report Slammed For Bias- 2015

5th August, 2015 By Alex Hamer, The Courier, Source: The wind industry, federal opposition and members of the scientific community have attacked the Senate report into wind turbines for its supposed bias. Ballarat senator John Madigan chaired the committee that authored the report, which was released on Monday. National Wind Alliance coordinator Andrew Bray said … Continue reading Madigan-Led Senate Wind Report Slammed For Bias- 2015