Underground Power

Regional communities fight for underground power 15th February, 2022 By Benjamin Preiss, Regional editor, The Age Source: https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/regional-communities-fight-for-underground-power-20220210-p59vec.html The company building a 190-kilometre renewable electricity transmission project in Victoria’s west will consider putting parts of it underground to avoid sections where overhead wires would most dominate the landscape. But regional communities in its path have … Continue reading Underground Power

Official Complaint re: Wind Farm Lease Agreements

1st November, 2021 By Wind Farm Living  From: Wind Farm Living <moyne@windfarmliving.com>Sent: Monday, 1 November 2021 8:11 AMTo: 'Australian Energy Infrastructure Commissioner' <aeic@aeic.gov.au>Subject: RE: Latest Annual Report [SEC=UNOFFICIAL] Dear Andrew, Thank you for providing me with the link to your 2020 report. https://www.aeic.gov.au/publications/2020-annual-report       (scroll down for email trail) Option to Lease / Agreement to Lease I note you have … Continue reading Official Complaint re: Wind Farm Lease Agreements

Wind Farm Owners Denied Turbines Were Too Loud

Wind farm owners denied turbines were too loud, yet claimed compensation for them 11th October, 2021 by Michael Fowler, The Age Source: https://www.theage.com.au/politics/victoria/wind-farm-owners-denied-turbines-were-too-loud-yet-claimed-compensation-for-them A Gippsland wind farm was receiving nearly $12 million in compensation payments for loud, faulty turbines despite denying they were causing a noise disturbance to local farmers, who are now suing the … Continue reading Wind Farm Owners Denied Turbines Were Too Loud

Ruling of Hawkesdale People v Planning Minister

20210820 Hawkesdale v Minister for Planning 2021 VSC 510Download Hawkesdale community group's case dismissed against wind farm 20th August, 2021 by Jackson Graham and Kyra Gillespie, The Standard https://www.standard.net.au/story/7394836/judge-dismisses-groups-wind-farm-case/ A Hawkesdale community group’s claim that an extension to a planning permit for a wind farm on the town’s outskirts was invalid has been dismissed by … Continue reading Ruling of Hawkesdale People v Planning Minister