Professor A. Salt Letter To AAAC

Salt-A-to-Warpenius-Chair-AAAC-18-9-13Downloads Professor Salt studies the effects of low frequency noise on the ear. He is an expert on the physiology of the ear and understands how infrasonic stimuli cause a response in the ear. In 2013, he wrote to the Chairman of AAAC about peddling misinformation, misdirecting peoples trust and stated it is false to, … Continue reading Professor A. Salt Letter To AAAC

Letter To Chair AAAC-2013

WF-Ltr-to-Chair-AAAC-Final-26-9-13Download 26 September, 2013Mr Martti WarpeniusChairmanAssociation of Australian Acoustical ConsultantsBy email to martti.warpenius@aecom.comDear Sir,I write to you as Chairman of the Waubra Foundation and also as an engineer with a reasonable level of knowledge of acoustics, a long history of working with Australia’s best neuroscientists, and three years of listening to and observing first hand … Continue reading Letter To Chair AAAC-2013

Letter To The AAAC- 2021

Attention: Executive Members Association of Australasian Acoustical Consultants Chairman:                           Richard Haydon Vice Chairman                  Gustaf Reutersward Treasurer                             Tim Reynolds Secretary                             Tim Trewin Communications              Matthew Stead Executive Member          Matthew Ottley Dear Executive Council Members, RE: Open Letter to the Association of Australasian Acoustical Consultants The Wind Farm Living Community of Moyne … Continue reading Letter To The AAAC- 2021