Help The Town Of Hawkesdale

Help us fight a Wind Farm in the Supreme Court !! John Bos is organizing this fundraiser. We need a hand to SAVE OUR TOWN from the horrors of a Wind Farm being built next-door. We are the People of the Small Town of Hawkesdale, and we are taking the VictorianPlanning Minister and Global … Continue reading Help The Town Of Hawkesdale

Petition To Stop Killing Off Our Brolgas

Viva-Lyn Lenehan has started a petition to the Victorian Department Of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, requesting 'Don't Let DEWLP Kill-Off our Brolgas'.! Here's the link to support the petition; Stop the New Legislation to Kill-Off our Brolgas November, 2020 By Viva-Lyn Lenehan, source Don’t Let DELWP Kill-Off our Brolgas.! Brolgas are “Vulnerable to … Continue reading Petition To Stop Killing Off Our Brolgas