‘Celebrating the Landscape’ Exhibition-Skipton Hall- 15th & 16th June.

You, your Friends and Family are
inspired by Eugene von Guerard.

Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th June,
Skipton Hall.  10.00am to 4.00pm.  Free !

RECORD of our LANDSCAPE before the
turbines and powerlines change our area
for ever.

Many COMMUNITY members are creating
in a variety of mediums depicting the
landscape as they see it.  All ages and from
anywhere in Australia you may contribute
as long as it depicts the area impacted by
the Stockyard Hill Wind Development.

Join us all for a special ceremony Sunday
16th at 2.00pm-followed by a share
afternoon tea.

Event organisers look forward to Celebrating the Landscape as Inspired by Eugene von Guerard this weekend.  Articles have been placed in lots of newspapers with hopes to encourage communities being confronted with wind developments to get switched on to what has occurred to our rural landscapes and lives.

Creating an Historical record of the Landscape before the turbines and powerlines destroy what they love, is important to those who care for Stockyard Hill and it’s beautiful surrounds.  Eugene von Guerard’s art has contributed much to the  visual history of Victoria and has inspired this community to create their own visual documentation.

A Stop These Things post here shows the effort members of this community put in to protect their community from this wind energy development for many years.

Communities Fighting the Great Wind Power Fraud: Defending All They’ve Worked For, With Everything They’ve Got

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